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First of all you must have a PayPal account since we only work with PayPal.
It is very simple to order, all you have to do is to get into our site by clicking the URL bellow:
Click on the a category that you are interested in (for example "Color Contact Lenses" and then "Natural Colors") under "Categories", after that you will reach a page with various types of Color Contact Lenses.
You can browse the types of contact lenses or, if there are a few pages, by clicking the number in bottom of the page ( 1,2...) or you can also click the "Next" or "Previous" links to browse.
Click on the photo of the product you want to order ( for example Hidrocor or Hidrocharme or Natural Colors) or on the button "Details" located on the left bottom side of the product details box, you will get to a page with the full product details of the selected product (or type of lens that you want).
In this page you can select the "Right Eye Color" and "Left Eye Color" from the list of colors, and also select the "Right Eye Power" and "Left Eye Power" from the list of power (numbers) , if you do not need a number , you should leave the selection at "0.00 plain - no power".
Select the Quantity you like to order or leave the default Quantity which is 1.
The Quantity is per a PAIR of lenses, 1 unit = PAIR of lenses (2 lenses).
After you have selected all of the values you should click the button "Add to cart", and this will take you to the shopping cart page.
In the shopping cart page you will be able to remove products from the cart by checking the "Remove" check box of any product and clicking the "Update cart" button. You can also click the "Continue" button to go back to the site and add as many products as you like to the shopping cart.
In the shopping cart page you should click the button "Checkout" , you will reach the sign in page, in this page you must click the button "Register"
and you will have to supply your details and follow the instructions. Once you have finished the registration process , you will have to fill in your "Shipping Address" and "Billing Address" (you can fill the same address to both the "Shipping Address and the "Billing Address"), now you will see the shipping option page in which you will have to select the shipping option and click the "Next" button.
Now you will see the payment Option page in which you will have to select the payment option (for example "PayPal Standard") and click next.
Now you will reach a page that says "You will be redirected to PayPal site to complete the order."
you should click the "Next" button and be redirected to PayPal and log in with your account and confirm the payment.
After that, you will be retruned to our site with a message that says that you have successfuly completed your order.
That is all , from that point on we will process your order and send it to you within the time frame of your selected shipment method and the time for order processing in Brazil.
Please read more about the delivery times and shipping times at our
"Shipping & Returns" page at the following URL :

Best Regards

WrLesn Team