Ask Lisa


I invite you to get your personal advice about which color will match you the most.
You can post your question as a comment here in the blog or you can send me an email to :

In your question, please refer to the following:
1. Do you want a dramatic prominent change? Or do you want a minor change?
2. Do you prefer the blue look or the green/honey look?
3. Do you have Negative power or Positive power or No power (Plain)?
4. You can send your eye photos (you can send a link to your photo or you can email your photo).

I will send you my answer on a personal basis as soon as possible.

Note – We pledge to maintain your privacy.

             We will not use or publish or post your photos in any way.

            All of the photos will be kept in a secure location and will be deleted after

            my answer will get to you.

            If you wish to get a personal answer from me please e mail the question to

           me at :