Solotica’s Beautiful color contact lenses

 Solotica’s Beautiful color contact lenses

My name is Lisa. When I discovered my problem of visibility, I was not happy. Will I wear glasses now? , I clearly do not want to wear glasses.
Because of my life's motto to make negative to positive,
I discovered the color contact lenses.
You would not believe how eye color can change your look.
Once I started to use the color contact lenses, I could not go back to the colorless contact lenses.
But now the big question popped up, How to choose the correct lenses and also look beautiful and natural?
There are so many companies and so many types of lenses and colors.
In the last few years, I have been checking the colored contact lenses market all over the world. I checked almost every manufacturer, and tried almost all kinds of colored contact lenses. By now, I surely can tell you that this has been a huge project.
In this blog, I will share with you my vast experience and give you the best and most useful advices and tips.
After all the tests I did, the conclusion I came to, is that the SOLOTICA color contact lenses are the most beautiful color contact lenses all over the world. You should know that these contact lenses are made in Brazil.
These lenses are made from silicone with prescription or without prescription. There are also positive numbers and negative numbers that depend on the type of lens. I will talk more about it in upcoming blog posts.
The coloring technique of these color contact lenses is very special. These lenses are semi-opaque, which means that they are not colored with a completely solid color but have little color dots that blend with your natural eye color. The outcome is a color that is beautiful and natural. The coloring effect of the lens in your eye will be different from eye to eye. I will talk more about it in upcoming blog posts.

These are the three main models of SOLOTICA’s color contact lenses, the following photo depicts the differences between them.



In the following section I will shortly describe each model. I will also give some tips about the benefits and recommended uses of each model:

Natural Colors
These color contact lenses are very thin and they are the least opaque. I found out that they can be too translucent on dark eyes but very nice on light eyes. Notice that only in this model there are small delicate and round color dots around the pupil. limbal ring (the limbal ring is the colored ring all around the edge of the lens) in this model is very delicate and it is made from lined dots in order to blend with the edge of the iris (the colored circle around the pupil of the eye).





These color contact lenses have thicker limbal ring (the limbal ring is the colored ring all around the edge of the lens). They have an effect of enlarging your iris (the colored circle around the pupil of the eye). They have middle color opacity. Since I have dark eyes I found out that for my eyes, these color contact lenses produce the most beautiful and natural effect. I think that these color contact lenses look good on dark eyes.





These color contact lenses are the most opaque. They have no limbal ring (the limbal ring is the colored ring all around the edge of the lens). I found out that the colors: Mel(honey) or Ocre (ochre), are not recommended because it may look as if you have a yellow ring around your iris, especially if your iris is small. There is no problem with the other colors because their base color is white so it blends nicely with your sclera (the white part of the eye around the iris). Note again that the colors: honey or ochre are not natural enough so consider trying other colors.


 For any questions please write us to and we will be happy to answer as soon as we can.

 In upcoming blog posts I will talk more about the Solotica's coloring technique.

bye for now